What we do

Kołobrzeg Spa is made up of people who share a passion and love for Kolobrzeg. We work hard to make a real impact on its positive image: we promote our town by working together and supporting others.

Study tours

We invite representatives of foreign travel agencies and journalists to visit Kołobrzeg in order to discuss and present our possibilities. We showcase our town, its key attractions, natural assets and our regional cuisine.


Kołobrzeg Health Festival

We want Kołobrzeg to be recognized as a place that encourages people into a more active and social lifestyle. The idea behind every edition of Kolobrzeg Health Festival is to bring people together and promote health. We organize picnics / sports activities on the beach, 'May Day Sports', 'Shape up your summer' and 'Family Breakfast Run' events.


Global Wellness Day

We organize GWD celebrations to promote quality of life, healthy development, and health behaviors.

Katalog Kołobrzeg SPA

Kołobrzeg SPA Catalog

We promote Kolobrzeg as the main spa destination in Poland. We create and care for its image.

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Health and Beauty 

We have launched the initiative to establish the Health and Beauty Consortium under the wing of Polish Tourist Organization. As a consequence, we completed the project of Health Island at the ITB Fair, published Wellness & Medical Catalog and participated in the TV series of "There is nothing like Poland".

Tourism Fair 

We are always present at the biggest tourism fairs in Europe: Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Hamburg and Berlin.

Promoting the region 

We promote tourism in Poland by exploiting the potential of our region, its natural environment and resources and cultural and climatic heritage. We actively participate in nationwide initiatives.


We promote Kolobrzeg and its positive image in many prestigious publications.


We support and sponsor all local initiatives and events that enhance attractions and build positive image of Kolobrzeg.

Kolobrzeg Ambassadors 

We appreciate the people who actively promote Kolobrzeg and maintain very strong ties with their place of origin.

EU funds 

We effectively seek the EU funds for long-term promotion of our town.

Kołobrzeski Festiwal Zdrowia 2014
Kołobrzeg Health Festival 2014


We exchange knowledge and experience, train employees, create the highest standards of service and influence the shaping of legal regulations.

Hotelier’s Annual Ball/ Integration 

We integrate hoteliers; organize incentive meetings and motivational workshops.

Business Partners 

We recommend proven suppliers, optimize operating costs, initiate group buying for collective bargaining opportunity and participate in social consultations.

10 years already...

In 2020… it has been 10 years since we have started working for the tourism industry entrepreneurs and hotel owners promoting Kolobrzeg as the main spa destination in Poland and initiating cooperation between economic entities in the region. Our activities would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of our founders, suppliers and partners. We would like to say thank you for their hard work and welcome all those willing to join us.

Fundacja Kołobrzeg SPA
Kołobrzeg SPA Foundation