Marina Solna

The yacht harbour in Kolobrzeg has full infrastructure for yachts: water and electricity supply in every berth, yacht dockside service, sailing supplies shop, restaurant, bathrooms, laundry and drying rooms and a 24-hour surveillance and access control.

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In Marina Solna you can find many traditional sailing vessels and modern sailing yachts offering fishing and scenic cruises.

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Fishing trips

There is a wide range of options available: shore fishing, river fishing (the  Parsęta River) or organized sea fishing trips, where participants are guaranteed food, necessary accessories, license and insurance.

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The nature and beauty of the Parsęta River provide perfect settings for organizing kayaking trips on its various sections. The kayaking trails are 16 km to 36 km long. The organizers provide transportation for people and kayaks and secure parking.  Combining kayaking with biking trips is also an option.

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Sea kayaking

Experienced kayakers can rent sea kayaks and face the waves of the Baltic Sea.

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Kitesurfing / Windsurfing

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are becoming more and more popular in Poland. They require a good wind speed, considerable swell and no obstacles or dangers.  Such conditions can be found on the Lake Resko in Dźwirzyno; and for more demanding Baltic Sea in sections beyond the wave breakers. We recommend: Centrum Sportów wodnych i zimowych Sun Sport, KiteSurfing Kołobrzeg.

SUP (Stand up Paddle Board) 

Take your SUP out and enjoy the pleasure of being able to catch and ride the tiniest of waves. Turn an un-surfable session into a super fun and spend fantastic hours surfing on inflatable boards on the Baltic Sea or the Parsęta River.

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Sailing routes and regatta

Kolobrzeg is a meeting place for sailors from Poland and Europe. They come to Marina Solna to explore the town or take part in regatta, which takes place several times a year on the Baltic Sea and the Resko Lake in Dźwirzyno.

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Sea scooters 

Sea scooters are a great way for water sports fans to get an adrenaline and fun packed experience.

skutery wodne to propozycja dla fanów sportów wodnych, spragnionych emocji i adrenaliny, 

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Bornholm Cruises

Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, is just 100 km away from Kołobrzeg. “Jantar” passenger ship takes tourist on a voyage from Kolobrzeg to Nexo in Bornholm throughout the year.

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Tournaments and kids animations on the beach

The Millennium Beach located in close vicinity of Hotel Wellness ProVita features football zone and beach volleyball court and entry is free of charge. During the summer season many tournaments are organized on the Millenium Beach.

Swimming pools, spa zones 

The town has nearly 50 swimming pools. It is not without reason Kolobrzeg is called the “Spa Center”. We recommend taking advantage of the offers presented by:

Aquacenter in Hotel Aquarius Spa
Health & Spa in Olymp II
Health and Wellness in Sanatorium Sun
Health & Spa in Olymp 3
Wellness & Spa in Hotel Wellness ProVita


Aquapark Milenium 

The Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation invites all year round to Aquapark Milenium.

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Ice rink 

During the winter season, an open-air ice rink with equipment rental and service opens on the grounds of the Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation.

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Winter Swimming Festival 

Every year at the beginning of January, “Klub Morsow” in Kolobrzeg known as winter swimmers club organizes the World Winter Swimming Festival, where fans of winter swimming enjoy the extreme kind of body hardening.

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Biking routes 

Cyclists can look forward to enjoying the network of bike paths in Kolobrzeg and the region. Bikes are available for hire in almost every hotel. The residents and visitors are welcome to rent a bike from Kolobrzeg Bike Town stations and explore the town and its surroundings in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.  

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Horse riding

We invite you to explore the beauty of nature on horseback! Go horse riding or take riding lessons at Kaja Riding Club farm in Grzybowo.

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GOLF DRIVING RANGE and 9 hole course is a perfect place to learn golf or advance your skills. Golf can be played by anyone, regardless of age, sex, physical condition or experience level.

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Tenis Park

Enjoy playing tennis or organize tennis camps and holidays in Tennis Park Kolobrzeg. It offers 6 outdoor clay courts and 2 tennis artificial grass courts. All the courts have professional lighting.

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Sightseeing flights 

Bagicz Airport is a post-Soviet airport, part of which is managed by the Baltic Aeroclub. In the summer season, it offers sightseeing flights and parachuting. Bagicz Airport has been opened for charter flights and light aircraft tourist flights since 2012.

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Kolobrzeg Runs 

Kolobrzeg is a town full of runners. Running has become a well-liked activity amongst residents and visitors. A very popular group running called the “Parkrun” takes place every Saturday morning at 9.00; it starts from the Monument of the War Nurse in the seaside park. 

Kolobrzeg organizes many widely recognized running events that attract runners from Poland and Europe: Bieg ZaślubinKołobrzeg MaratonKids MaratonBieg ŚniadaniowyBieg Niepodległości.

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Kołobrzeg Health Festival 

Kolobrzeg has a well developed recreational and sports infrastructure: bicycle paths, walking trails, wide beach, tennis courts and about 50 swimming pools. You cannot get bored here in Kolobrzeg.

Kołobrzeski Festiwal Zdrowia 2014
Kołobrzeg Health Festival 2014

Kołobrzeg Rope Park

Kołobrzeg Rope Park offers a unique adrenaline kicking experience in the center of the town. It is designed to allow anyone to venture from one tree to another via series of suspended bridges, nets, walkways and other fun challenges. With 3 different circuits, everyone can find the right circuit for his level and age, or even try the more challenging ones as they are designed with graded difficulty levels.

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Bowling tournaments are a great way for family and friends to enjoy free time.

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Billiard is the best indoor entertainment especially on the rainy days.

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Restaurants affiliated with Kołobrzeg Spa recommend dishes prepared according to Slow Food principles using natural, organic and seasonal ingredients that primarily come from the local suppliers.

Restauracja Horyzont w Hotelu Aquarius

Restauracja ProVita

Restauracja w Olymp 3



Many well-established cultural events take place annually in Kolobrzeg:

RCK PRO Jazz Festiwal
RoCK Festiwal
Muzyka w Katedrze
Kołobrzeg Suspense Film Festival



The Lighthouse in Kolobrzeg is the most recognizable symbol of the town and the harbinger of good news for seamen. The view of the sunset from the lighthouse is just irreplaceable.

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Hortulus Thematic Gardens in Dobrzyca offer close to 30 differently themed gardens extending over an area of ​​about 4 hectares. They have become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.

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 Kalendarium wydarzeń i atrakcji w Kołobrzegu