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health through water 

The human body is to a great extent composed of water, as much as 70%. We need water to stay healthy and hydrated.
Water improves skin elasticity, brain functions, transfers nutrients to cells and regulates body temperature.
Water is a key to healing.

Body Care

The main focus of the spa are both health and beauty and a variety of refined treatments often base on water therapy and massage. Water is your number one cleansing companion; it is the everyday detox agent your body needs to function. Drinking water reduces appetite, helps to burn more calories and increases weight loss; it is the key ingredient present in most spa cosmetics. Immersing in water has been shown to be very relaxing, therapeutic and a complement to a healthy lifestyle. Visit us, slow down and improve your wellbeing and appearance. Rekindle the fire within and feel young again.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing what is right for your body. If you want to reduce muscle tension, enjoy a firmed and toned silhouette and a velvety smooth and radiant skin go to spa for a massage.

We recommend: Hotel Aquarius Spa*****, Shuum Boutique Wellness Hotel**** for a wide range of health, relaxation and beauty treatments and SAN Medical Spa for spine therapy and rehabilitation.


Feel like you don't know where to begin with weight loss? We recommend weight loss program based on Dr Bardadyn's structural diet, available at Hotel AQUARIUS SPA***** and SAN Medical Spa.

However, if you want more insight into your body's reactions, we strongly recommend consulting a dietician - Dr Marzena Rypina from Poradnia Dietetyczna Hotelu Shuum offers diagnostic consultations and tests and a professional support at every stage of therapy.